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BiBi Hernandez, CPCP

Bibi is a Posse Scholar who finished her 4 years of undergraduate at Carleton College, with a major in Chemistry and a Concentration in Biochemistry.  Since she was young, she wanted to become a doctor and save lives.  After college and major life events, she took an alternative route and redirected her purpose: make the world a better place through the beauty industry.  In 2011, she opened One Stop Salon Chicago.  After mastering the art of nails and lashes, the next thing to dive into was permanent makeup!  Since 2014, Bibi have been cultivating and mastering her artistry in Permanent Makeup through, Microblading, Microshading, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip blushing, and areola reconstruction.  She is a proud member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional) and have earned the most recognized certification in the industry, CPCP.  In 2018, she became a licensed Illinois Nails and Esthetics instructor.  In 2020 she opened One Stop Beauty School.   In 2021, she founded One Stop Beauty Foundation.  Bibi and her family are Vietnamese refugees.  At the age of 6, she lived in the refugee camp for 4 years before being accepted into the USA.  As a beneficiary of scholarships and systems that helped those seeking a better life, Bibi's mission in life is to pay it forward.  In doing so, she created the same opportunity to help others have a second chance in life through the Olivia Mae Lotus Scholarship and  One Stop Beauty School.